Lawns! What are the alternatives?

People in the UK are often obsessed with lawns, spending around £54 million per year on lawn fertilisers, between £150 and £225 million on lawn mowers and strimmers! Most people will mow their lawn(s) anywhere from weekly to daily between March and October, in an attempt to keep the grass just millimetres long for that "perfect lawn" … Continue reading Lawns! What are the alternatives?

Sunny Saturday and The Crop Club

We had a little free time on a chilly but sunny Saturday, so went down to Sneintons vegan market with a few friends. After we consumed some wonderful food which included sumptuous piri piri Vork pie's, mouth watering sausage wraps from No Balony UK and delectable sweet treats including a delightful vegan bounty made by Willow & Dove we stumbled upon a wonderful stall which we had not seen before, the crop club, a social enterprise based in Loughborough which had some very interesting items on display!

Hedge laying, the what and whys!

You may wonder what id hedge laying and whats the point? Well laying hedges is an ancient traditional skill which has many benefits for wildlife and the health of your hedge. Read the full article to learn more about hedge laying.