Working with and knowing your roses

Roses belong to the genus Rosa, which includes over 150 species with fossil records placing many roses species over 35 million years old, but it was not until late in the 18th century that cultivated roses were introduced into Europe. So many species/cultivars of roses have been created in the last few hundred years, with traits such as double … Continue reading Working with and knowing your roses

Wildlife ponds in your garden

Many freshwater species in the UK are in decline, struggling with pollution, habitat loss/fragmentation and changing land use. For instance, in the last 30 years over 200,000 ponds/lakes have been lost from farm land alone! Due to these changes, species such as frogs, toads and newts are all facing declining populations. Luckily you can help … Continue reading Wildlife ponds in your garden

Edible gardens, practical gardens which still look great!

Not only can your garden be a relaxing sanctuary, vibrant social area and a home to wildlife, it can be a great source of food all year round. What is better than nipping into the garden to cut some herbs or gather some vegetables for your fantastic home cooking. You truly cannot beat home grown for freshness, taste or nutrition.