Role playing game session for home schooled children

Custom figures for our role playing games
Custom figures for our role playing games (Printed by heroes forge)

Role playing games such as the famous Dungeons & Dragons are sometimes seen as the domain of the geek, socially awkward people sitting in a basement playing games all evening long. In truth role role playing games are amazing ways for children and adults alike to develop social skills, confidence, build up self awareness along with being a creative outlet allowing people to contribute to collaborative story telling.

Compassionate Roots will be running a series of role playing game sessions for children aged between 10 and 16 weekday mornings and/or afternoons depending on demand, in Nottingham (UK) run by Michael Wood (all our staff are fully DBS checked) who has over 20 years of experience running role playing games sessions.

What are role playing games?

So what is an RPG, what is Pathfinder and what will happen at the event? Well role playing games are games in which each player assumes the identify of a character they choose, these characters are then integrated into a story via the GM (game master who will be Michael Wood for this event) who runs the session and helps to keep the story flowing, arbitrates rules, questions and makes sure the players all enjoy the story. Typiclaly sessions start with the GM setting the scene, often with a narrated story introduction, such as …..

“Waterdeep, the city of splendors, jewel of the north and bastion of commerce nestled along the perilous sword coast. The usually bustling streets, full of merchants, traders, information brokers and adventurers lie deserted as your adventurers group arrives at the 20ft high gates along the southern coast road ….. a strange smell eminates from within the city carried on the salty coastal air. A strange sensation, almost like someone watching you leaves you ill at ease …… ” After this it would be up to the party to decide how they start to investigate this or even if they want to!

Each game is unique and the outcome/events depends on how you react and handle situations, games typically involve some form of mystery, puzzle solving, tactical combat, diplomacy and similar scenarios. 

If you are interested in learning more, or wish to register your interest for upcoming sessions then please contact us via phone, email or Facebook or through our contact form.

We will be releasing a series of blog posts at our new RPG sub domain in the coming weeks where we will explore the benefits of using role playing games in education/therapy.

Thank you card from Eastwood's Eco Club - Michael & Dan from Compassionate Roots
Thank you card from Eastwood’s Eco Club – Michael & Dan from Compassionate Roots