Where to Forage in towns and cities?

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Good question! The Answer…everywhere and pretty much anywhere!

This article hopes to show that no matter where you live, there are opportunities to reap wild food rewards. Most of us now live in towns or cities. Some 80% of humans now live in the urban environment. Although not known for having mile upon mile of fecund hedgerows, or quick and easy access for residents to escape to rolling green hills and woodlands, towns and cities nevertheless harbour enough diversity of habitats to provide for us the majority of the plants discussed.

Before we get on to specific places and the likely suspects to forage for, its worth thinking about habitats and what they mean to the forager. When out foraging, you will soon discover that habitat identification can be as important as species identification for success. An understanding of our landscape, natural or man-made, with its various bedrocks, soils, and climates…

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Rebel Yell…. When to REALLY sow your seeds!

The Bohemian Raspberry


Everyone is an expert it seems on the subject of when to sow this and when to sow that. I’m really not surprised at all that beginners to growing get so confused by this subject, it’s enough to confuse me and I’ve been growing some years now!

Well just because I’m a bit of a rebel I’m gonna put it straight out there and say, “NO! NO NO, just NOPE!  I am not going to do it this way or your way or any way but my own. And it’s not because I’m actively rebelling, I just know what works best for me and in my climate, in my space and in my day and age.


It’s ok to reference an old vintage book that says sow your broad beans in November for an early crop. Ermm well I did that and well they cropped at the same time as my February…

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Pruning for spring

As the temperature begins to drop and the days become shorter, many plants are starting to go dormant ready for Winter. This is the perfect time to prune back certain plants ready for Spring. Naturally, this is dependant on what plants are in your garden. While dormant they are less likely to suffer damage from … Continue reading Pruning for spring

The origins of wildlife & eco gardens

Thank you for visiting our new site! We are excited to start out on a new venture delivering qualified, professional gardening services in the Brinsley, Ilkeston, Hucknall and surrounding areas. Here at wildlife & eco gardens we believe in working with nature to provide high quality green spaces for clients to enjoy, while working with … Continue reading The origins of wildlife & eco gardens