August/September at Wildlife & Eco Gardens – talks, events and stalls!

August has already been a busy month for us at Wildlife & Eco gardens, attending numerous events such as the Northern Green Gathering (You can read more about the talk we gave, or watch the full talk on our blog post "Day out at Northern green gathering"). We have more events coming up in September … Continue reading August/September at Wildlife & Eco Gardens – talks, events and stalls!

Day out at Northern green gathering

On a rather windy day with sporadic rain we set out into the Derby countryside looking for Bradley Nook farm, the home of Jay, a delightfully friendly farmer who was recently in the news and on Country file for rescuing his herd of "beef" cows by giving them away to Hillside animal sanctuary. This year … Continue reading Day out at Northern green gathering

Seed: The Untold Story

Many seeds are just as endangered as the most endangered animals on this planet, and in the last one hundred years over 94% of our vegetable seed varieties have been lost, replaced with mass marketed "resistant" varieties controlled by large seed companies such as Monsanto and Bayer seeds. This loss of genetic diversity is a … Continue reading Seed: The Untold Story

No dig, ditch back-breaking cultivation and grow great vegetables

Origins of no dig cultivation methods are not completely clear, but the benefits of having healthy soil, bountiful crops with minimal work is clear! Managing your allotment/home vegetable garden using techniques such as double digging are time consuming, labour intensive and damage the delicate balance which exists in soil between beneficial bacteria, insects and microbial … Continue reading No dig, ditch back-breaking cultivation and grow great vegetables

Edible Gardens: Allium borders

Alliums are wondrous plants which look beautiful, taste fantastic whilst being very beneficial for wildlife. We continue our edible garden series looking at 3 examples you can incorporate into your garden this year. We look at Allium schoenoprasum (chives), Allium tuberosum (garlic chives), and Allium cepa var. viviparum (tree onions).

Sunny Saturday and The Crop Club

We had a little free time on a chilly but sunny Saturday, so went down to Sneintons vegan market with a few friends. After we consumed some wonderful food which included sumptuous piri piri Vork pie's, mouth watering sausage wraps from No Balony UK and delectable sweet treats including a delightful vegan bounty made by Willow & Dove we stumbled upon a wonderful stall which we had not seen before, the crop club, a social enterprise based in Loughborough which had some very interesting items on display!