Bee the Change

Without the hard work of wild bee species pollinating the many plants in the wild, the balance within these delicate webs of life could be irrevocably altered. Sadly the ever increasing impacts of humans upon the natural world are putting our precious pollinators at risk.

Many plants rely on specific bee species in order for their flowers to be pollinated. If a species of bee was to become extinct and no longer able to aid a plant in reproduction, then that plant species would likely also become extinct. The connections between the strands of life don’t stop there though, there may also be other animal species that rely on the plant for food or shelter and with it now unavailable to them, they too could suffer and eventually die out.

While there are lifestyle choices we can all make to try and reduce our impact on the planet and the lives of these precious pollinators, there are also quick and simple ways we can all make a difference within our local areas.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is running a campaign called ‘Bee the Change.’  It involves people all around the country pledging to help bumblebees within their postcode, by educating their community on the importance of bumblebees or growing plants that will attract and benefit the bees in their neighbourhood.

There are some very helpful resources available on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website, including monthly menus of plants you can grow to help bees near you, whether that be in a garden, balcony planter or even just a simple window box.

Visit for more information and pledge to ‘Bee the Change’ in your postcode.