Meet our team

Meet the artists, teachers and gardeners/horticultural specialists at Compassionate Roots

Name: Michael Wood
Age: 34
Qualifications: Distinction/merit in Horticulture (BTEC, level 3)
Favourite Animal: Mallard duck
Favourite season: Autumn
Favourite game: Dungeons & Dragons, I have played RPG’s (role playing games) since I was 10. Not only are they great fun getting involved in creative, social and collaborative story telling. Such games also help build confidence, social/communication skills, whilst unknowingly working your maths, problem solving and numerous other skills!
For 8 years I worked as a programmer, never being truly happy with my vocation until I started running my own allotment and volunteering with Nottingham Wildlife Trusts, when I found my true calling. I love working outdoors in all seasons, feeling the seasonable changes and working with nature. So I started out on a new path by studying Horticulture at Brakenhurst in 2015.

Michael wood doing some barefoot gardening
Sometimes its nice to feel the soil between your toes, especially on a beautiful spring day at the allotment.


Name: Dan Demeter
Age: 29
Qualifications: Merit in Horticulture (BTEC, level 3)
Favourite animal: Hummingbird
Favourite vegetable: Brocolli
Favourite season: Spring
Favourite fruit: Lychee
Since a young age I have loved nature. Being around it fills me with peace and happiness. As I have gotten older I have grown particularly fascinated with plants. They provide so much for humans and are so versatile. So many shapes, colours, textures, scents. With my love of plants in mind I decided several years ago that I wanted to work with them and so I completed a course in horticulture in order to gain more knowledge and a qualification in the subject. With a desire to work with nature when gardening, my partner and I decided to start our own gardening business to share our love of nature and plants by offering our skills to people wanting to keep beautiful gardens while co-existing with wildlife and nature.

07422 534452


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