Our Mission

At Compassionate Roots we believe in working with nature to ensure our clients receive a high quality service to enhance their outdoor green spaces. We offer a large range of services in West Bridgford, Cotgrave, Radcliffe-On-Trent, Burton Joyce,  and surrounding areas. If the work you want doing is not listed on our services page then please contact us.

Compassionate Roots was set up in November 2016 by Michael Wood and Daniel Darkholme, after completing a horticulture qualification at Brackenhurst.

Shade border freshly planted in Cotgrave
Shade border freshly planted in Cotgrave, using young plants. Once established the ferns will create a wonderful backdrop.

Our Ethos at Compassionate Roots

  • Working with nature to ensure wildlife has a home in gardens
  • Using organic methods to manage green spaces without harmful chemicals or causing damage to the environment
  • Applying sound horticultural knowledge to our practices to ensure the best possible results for clients and ensuring healthy plants
  • Promoting the advantages of integrating edible, medicinal and useful plants into your green space
  • Ensuring everyone has access to knowledge about nature, gardening and living with nature
  • Compassionate Roots will utilise methods, equipment and resources which minimise energy and resource usage, and ensure we produce minimal waste (if any).
  • We use renewable energy to power any tools which we use (no petrol based equipment).
  • Compassionate Roots will not accept, nor seek funding from any business, organisation or society who is involved with unethical or environmentally unsound practices to the best of our ability
  • Compassionate Roots will not bank with any business involved in unethical or environmentally unsound practices to the best of our ability
  • Working to ensure we do not negatively effect the environment in all our work, from sourcing products to designing with nature
  • Compassionate Roots has zero tolerance towards any-form of discrimination such as sexism, racism, homophobia, religious intolerance or any other form of prejudice / intolerance
  • Compassionate Roots will source all materials used from ethical companies suing environmentally sound practices to the best of our ability
  • Compassionate Roots is run on vegan principles, as such we will not use any animal based products, with the exception of well rotted manure from Brinsley Animal Rescue in order to help reduce the sanctuary waste
  • Compassionate Roots will help promote positive social change, via educational training in environmental issues along with community events promoting harmony through horticulture and nature activities