Day out at Northern green gathering

On a rather windy day with sporadic rain we set out into the Derby countryside looking for Bradley Nook farm, the home of Jay, a delightfully friendly farmer who was recently in the news and on Country file for rescuing his herd of “beef” cows by giving them away to Hillside animal sanctuary. This year the Northern green gathering was being held at Jays farm, a 3 day event filled with music, dancing, food, talks and workshops. We had been asked by Pat from the wonderful vegan catering organisation “Veggies” to run a talk on vegan organic growing/permaculture an we were delighted to accept!

You can watch the full talk on Youtube (minus the first couple of minutes due to technical difficulties with the recording crew!)

Jay (from Bradley Nook farm) is now working with the vegan society & the vegan organic network to turn the farm into a vegan (stock free) farm showcasing the wonderful results of regenerative farming methods which can be achieved. We look forward to seeing the progress of this wonderful new venture.

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