Where to Forage in towns and cities?

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Good question! The Answer…everywhere and pretty much anywhere!

This article hopes to show that no matter where you live, there are opportunities to reap wild food rewards. Most of us now live in towns or cities. Some 80% of humans now live in the urban environment. Although not known for having mile upon mile of fecund hedgerows, or quick and easy access for residents to escape to rolling green hills and woodlands, towns and cities nevertheless harbour enough diversity of habitats to provide for us the majority of the plants discussed.

Before we get on to specific places and the likely suspects to forage for, its worth thinking about habitats and what they mean to the forager. When out foraging, you will soon discover that habitat identification can be as important as species identification for success. An understanding of our landscape, natural or man-made, with its various bedrocks, soils, and climates…

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