Rebel Yell…. When to REALLY sow your seeds!

The Bohemian Raspberry


Everyone is an expert it seems on the subject of when to sow this and when to sow that. I’m really not surprised at all that beginners to growing get so confused by this subject, it’s enough to confuse me and I’ve been growing some years now!

Well just because I’m a bit of a rebel I’m gonna put it straight out there and say, “NO! NO NO, just NOPE!  I am not going to do it this way or your way or any way but my own. And it’s not because I’m actively rebelling, I just know what works best for me and in my climate, in my space and in my day and age.


It’s ok to reference an old vintage book that says sow your broad beans in November for an early crop. Ermm well I did that and well they cropped at the same time as my February…

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