#100HoursUnplugged This Summer

Worldwide children are spending an increasingly small amount of time outside, and an alarmingly small amount of time in natural surroundings. Some experts place the average time children spend outside per day at 4-7 minutes! Many factors are contributing to this alarming trend and disconnect between people and the natural world. One of the largest contributors is screen time, ranging from video games, television, Snapchat and other media consumption. A study of American youths aged between 8 and 18 placed the average screen time at 7.5 hours per day, which did not include time spent at school or doing homework.

Adults are no better with binge television sessions, movie marathons and constant e-mail and social media usage we are racking up screen time and reducing our exposure to the natural world.

#100HoursUnplugged is an American initiative created by O.A.R.S and the National Park foundation, which aims to get families outside this summer for at least 4 days. Such initiatives are an important attempt to reconnect people with natural surrounding and outdoor leisure activities. So why not bring the #100HoursUnplugged over the pond into the UK this year.

Beeston Marsh, Attenborough Nature Reserve
Beeston Marsh, Attenborough Nature Reserve

Places to visit this year

Organisations such as Nottingham wildlife trusts often run events throughout the year and can be a good place to start your outdoor adventures this year.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

Located 7 kilometres from Nottingham city centre this beautiful area offers stunning walks among re-claimed gravel pits. Events are run throughout the year ranging from identification courses, educational days and bat walks.

Sherwood Forest

Encompassing 432 hectares this historical area contains many beautiful walks and opportunities for days out having a leisurely walk, picnic or studying stunning flora. Events are run throughout the year ranging from tree ID to willow weaving, you can find out more about activities at Sherwood Forest and details on the walks avalible from the Sherwood forest visitor center.

Clumber Park

Run by the National Trust, Clumber Park offers some wonderful opportunities for walks along with regular events among its 3,800 acre property located near Worksop Nottinghamshire.

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