How to make a bee watering station

Gathering nectar is hard work with bees visiting an average of 2,000 plants per day, all that had work makes bees thirsty especially during hot summer days. So bees often risk drowning by visiting bird baths or risk predation by drinking at the edges of ponds and rivers. But you can create a very cheap and simple bee watering station in your garden to help out our busy buzzing friends this year.

What will you need?

  1. Shallow dish around 30 cm in diamter
  2. Selection of stones ranging in size from
  3. Water!

Simple fill your chosen dish with a selection or pebbles/marbles, which will create small platforms which bees can land on for a safe drink without risking drowning in deeper water such as a bird bath. Remember to check and change the water daily to ensure algae/insect larva do not build up and that your watering station has not dried up.

Bee watering station
Bee watering station


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