Plant of the Week ~ Aubrieta deltoidea (Aubrieta)

When selecting plants, here at Wildlife & Eco Gardens we look for plants that will be beneficial to wildlife, while preferably having a long-lasting presence in the garden. With its early flowering in spring, Aubrieta deltoidea is a great food source for pollinators, such as bumblebees and butterflies, after being roused from their winter slumber.

Male Brimstone butterfly on Aubrieta
Male Brimstone butterfly on Aubrieta – PICSSR

Another great thing about A. deltoidea is the fact that it is a hardy perennial. So not only will it keep coming back each year, but it will also survive being outside during the winter months. It is also evergreen so you can enjoy its foliage throughout the year, which works well with its low, trailing habit as it provides groundcover between plants and can even cover up damaged masonry.


A. deltoidea is incredibly easy to care for and is tolerant of most soil types. Just be sure to avoid planting in heavy clay soils as this can lead to waterlogging. If there’s one thing these plants don’t like, it’s being sat in wet soil. When deciding on a location to plant this species, ensure they are planted in a sunny or partially shaded spot where the soil doesn’t get too wet. So if you have a sloped garden, they will be much happier higher up in the garden compared to being lower down. However, if you have quite sandy soil then drainage won’t be a problem.


Aubrieta are very easy-going when it comes to maintenance requirements. They are very tolerant of drought conditions and so they won’t need too much watering, even in the summer months. In order to make this plant flourish I advise cutting back the plant to half of its original size or more after it has flowered. While this may seem extreme, it will encourage fresh foliage on the plant throughout the summer and in the following spring you will be rewarded with a dense carpet of flowers, ideal for all of the hungry pollinators!


Aubrieta are available in a variety of bloom colours. Below are a few examples of Aubrieta cultivars to consider adding to your garden.

Aubrieta ‘Argenteovariegata’

Aubrieta ‘Argenteovariegata’ – RHS

The ‘Argenteovariegata’ cultivar offers lovely mauve-pink flowers while providing foliage with variable white margins throughout the year.

Aubrieta ‘Red Carpet’

aubrieta red carpet
Aubrieta ‘Red Carpet’ – RHS

Aubrieta ‘Red Carpet’ provides a beautiful splash of colour with its striking deep purple-red flowers which contrast with its grey-green leaves.

Aubrieta ‘Red Cascade’

Aubrieta 'Red Cascade'
Aubrieta ‘Red Cascade’ – RHS

This cultivar will brighten up the garden with its cheerful magenta-red flowers and cool grey-green foliage.

Now that you’ve learned more about the delightful Aubrieta why not add some to your garden for yourself and the pollinators to enjoy next spring and summer.

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