Compassionate Roots

Michael wood doing some barefoot gardening
Sometimes its nice to feel the soil between your toes, especially on a beautiful spring day at the allotment.

At Compassionate Roots (Formally known as Wildlife & Eco Gardens) we pride ourselves on our ability to use qualified horticultural knowledge to provide you with down to earth, high quality, professional gardening services. We are friendly, qualified gardeners so you can rest assured that your plants will be safe under our care. Whether it be specialised pruning, border design, food gardens or tree planting, you can count on us.

We hold nature, wildlife and the environment very close to our hearts, so when gardening we aim to work with nature to provide beautiful gardens that can be appreciated by both our clients and wildlife. Read more about the origins of Compassionate Roots or subscribe to our blog to read tips, advice and learn more about plants in our ‘plant of the week’ blog posts.

Our gardening services are available in Nottingham,   Cotgrave, Arnold, Strelley, Beeston, West Bridgford, Burton Joyce, Lambley, Carlton and surrounding areas. Contact us to see if we can help with your gardening needs.  

Why work with nature and choose organic methods?

With over 15 million gardens in the UK ranging in sizes, shapes and styles, if they were all maintained using organic methods and no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and the like, then the environment could be a little better for wildlife, nature and us all. You can read more about the importance of gardens in our blog post “Gardens as invaluable habitat”.

Frog and pond banner

Services from Compassionate Roots

We offer a wide range of services at Compassionate Roots ranging from regular/general maintenance to speciality pruning, permaculture design, border/garden design and allotments. You can see more about our services or contact us about any work you are planning.

  • Hedge planting, laying & maintenance
  • Tree planting & maintenance
  • Pruning & specialised maintenance
  • Border design & care
  • Wildlife gardens
  • Allotment planning & maintenance
  • Composting advice, setup & care
  • Food/Edible gardens
  • Regular maintenance
  • Wildlife ponds
In progress planting up a new border.
In progress planting up a new border.

Upcoming blogs & articles

Keep an eye out for our blog posts about gardening, the environment, nature, activities to get involved with, even a few articles about cooking from allotment to plate. These posts can be enjoyed over on our blog page.

Wildflowers and you!

Wildflower meadows are truly spectacular sights, yet they are a rare site these days with 97% of wildflower habitats having been destroyed. Why not set some of your lawn aside and create a spectacular mini wildflower habitat in your garden?

Wildflower habitats have declined 97%! #savethebees